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摘要:亚博手机版中心亚博体育下载 亚博国际平台 1.  abar code label is attached on thecentigrade . 摄氏温度计上系着一枚条形码标签。 2.  Acompass, an album and a stack of pads arecarelessly put near the calendar. 指南针,相册和一沓便笺本被随意地搁置在日历旁边。 3.  There

1.  abar code label is attached on thecentigrade . 摄氏温度计上系着一枚条形码标签。

2.  Acompass, an album and a stack of pads arecarelessly put near the calendar. 指南针,相册和一沓便笺本被随意地搁置在日历旁边。

3.  There is a stack of hay anda leaky barrel in the discarded barn. 在废弃的牲口棚里有一堆干草和一个漏的水桶。

4.  Thegardener is trimming a peculiar pine tree’s limbs with a saw. 园丁正在用锯子修建一棵造型独特的松树。

5.   Spiders spin webs amid the bush to capture insects as their food. 蜘蛛在灌木丛中结网并以捕捉昆虫为食。

6.  The capacity of that plastic container is 10 gallons, namely 80 pints, and the height is approximately 60 centimeters. 那个塑料容器的容积式10加仑即80品脱,高度大约为60厘米。

7.  A gym locates besides the erect portrait and monuments of suburb with blooms around. 在市郊笔直的雕像和纪念碑附近,坐落着一座体育馆,周围花团锦簇。

8.  The brave cowboy is herding a flock of sheep to descend a slope. 那位勇敢的牧童把一群羊赶下山坡。

9.  The whistle of subway weakened and vanished away in the dim tunnel. 地铁方向传来的汽笛声音在昏暗的地道里变弱消失了。

10. Thebamboos and honey peaches dot the bright and spectacular view on the mountain peak. 竹林和水蜜桃树点缀着山顶亮丽壮观的风景。


11. Theflour-roller clinging to the wall is stirringthe mixture of flour and water with a constant rhythm. 紧靠墙角的面粉搅拌机正在有节奏地搅动着面水混合物。

12. The shallow smelly draining ditch outside theinn annoyed the civilians. 客栈外面那条浅浅的发臭的排水沟使周围的民众很烦恼。

13. The purple purse made of genuine leatherfor auction arouse our attention. 那个待拍卖的真皮姿色钱包引起了我们的注意。

14. There is a stack of grain and some textiles on the saddle of donkey. 驴鞍上驮着一麻袋谷物和一些纺织品。

15. There was a bottle ofbrandy(whisky),some stale toast and a bowl of bacon with ants in thecupboard(closet)of the bachelor. 那个单身汉的食橱里放着一瓶白兰地酒(威士忌酒),一些不新鲜的靠面包和一碗爬满蚂蚁的咸肉。

16. Under the command of its master, the loyal hunting dog is wandering in the bundles of weeds, waiting for prey. 在主人的指挥下,那只忠实的猎狗在野草丛中徘徊着等待猎物的出现。

17. The crude hut concealed by bunches of weeds, hedges and oaks refreshed my memory ofchildhood. 被杂草、篱笆和橡树遮掩的那个简陋的小屋唤起了我对童年的回忆。

18. We can see a queue of saints(pilgrims),some solemn isolated temples and bare summits indistance from the windows of our sightseeing bus. 从旅行车窗中我们看到一队圣徒(朝圣者),一些庄严孤立的庙宇和远处光秃秃的山峰。

19. The machine consists of cylinder, piston, rotary, shaft, gears, bearings, bolts, screws andstainless steel crusts. 那台机器由气缸、活塞、旋转轴、齿轮、轴承、螺栓、螺丝钉和不锈钢外壳组成。

20. Through the mist, the stream that stretched for miles was barely visible and authentic. 透过薄雾,那条绵延数里的河隐约可见,却更感真实。


21. The attempt to develop atomic energy willundoubtedly revolutionize the lives of the cominggeneration. 开发原子能的尝试必将使未来人类的生活发生革命性的变化。

22. The onlyresource of petroleum products iscrude oil, which is pumped up from the interior of the earth. 原油由地下抽出,它是石油产品的唯一原料。

23.  Alcohol molecule is composed of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen. 酒精分子式由碳、氢、氧三种元素构成。

24. After analyzing the ancient housing estate, the historical expert reached a conclusion that the Indians were the original inhabitants in North America .经过对古代住宅区的分析,历史学家得出一个结论:印第安人是北美地区最早的居民。

25. Most of the telecommunication networks are accurately controlled by electronic robots.


26. You should read thehandy booklet for reference before commencing using the delicate scale. 在用这台精密天平之前,你应该读一下那参考手册。

27. Some species of bacteria and virus thrive in simple compounds such as alcohol. 一些细菌和病毒活跃于简单的化合物诸如酒精中。

28. Laser light beaming onto glass fibers casts a characteristic pattern. 射在玻璃纤维上的激光放射出一种特有的图像。

29. Through the microscope lens I can clearly observe the worm egg that is not apparent to thenaked eye. 透过显微镜片,我清楚地看到了肉眼无法看到的蠕虫卵。

30. He is amazed that through triangle mirror, the torch light’s reflection spectrum turns to a colorfulribbon image. 令他感到惊奇的是:通过三棱镜的反射后,手电光的反射光谱变成了多彩的带状图像。


31. The study demonstrates that the quality ofreaction accelerator can influence the density ofrefined copper .研究表明,反应催化剂的质量影响精炼铜的密度。

32. It’s estimated that the claw hook of the cargo crane can’t heave the heavy lumber up. 据估计,该货物起重机爪形钩吊不起那些沉重的木材。

33. It’s inevitable that horrible earthquakeswill happen in the margin of shifting earth layers. 移动着的地层边缘将不可避免地发生重大的地震灾害。

34.  Steel rods that could reinforce concrete structures are indispensable in constructing. 钢筋可以加固混凝土结构,在建造过程中必不可少。

35. A scholar predicted that such festival decoration would be a typical feature (trait) of nextmagnificent ceremony. 一位学者预测,这种节日的装饰是下次盛大庆典的典型特征。

36. The earth’saxis is an imaginative line between the north and south polar and the equator divides the north and south hemisphere. 地球的轴心是介于南北极之间的那条假想的线;赤道是南北半球的分界线。

37. Sulfur dioxide is a toxic gas. 二氧化硫是有毒气体。

38. It is absolute that the string of a piano vibrates when the keys are struck. 钢琴的琴键一弹琴弦就想,这是再自然不过的事情了。

39.  Emergence of the Internet is a grand symbol that mankind has access to a network era .因特网的出现时人类进入网络时代的重大标志。

40. Thephilosopher said that human behavior is mostly a product of learning, whereas the behavior of an animal depends mainly on instinct. 那位哲学家说人类的行为主要是认知的产物,而动物的行为时本能的使然。


41. Although working on a white-collar job,Mister Li is skilled at maintaining the gasoline turbine engine. 李先生虽然从事白领工作,但在修理汽油轮机方面非常老练。

42. The carpenter asserted that antique sofacouldbe readily converted into a bed. 那位木匠声称这张老式的沙发他可以很容易地改成一张床。

43. The eminent physicist from rural householdis very modest , never boasts. 那位农民家庭出生的杰出的物理学家从不吹嘘,很谦虚。

44. He isadored by youngsters for his talent, wisdom, honesty and upright character and has gained wide acceptance. 他因才能、智慧、和正直获得广泛认同而受到年轻人的崇拜。

45. The embarrassed spokesman refused to make any comments on the split of the company. 尴尬的发言人拒绝对公司的分裂发表任何评论。

46. Owing to always leaning on the counter with depression and couldn’t concentrate on sales, thesalesman was dismissed by her shopkeeper. 由于那位收货员总是沮丧地倚在柜台上,不能集中精力销售,因此被店主解雇了。

47. The arbitrary sponsor declared abruptly to abolish the annual racial rally. 那位武断的主办者突然宣布取消一年一度的种族集会。

48. With a bundle of cartoon monthly,the postman(messenger) walked out of elevator andsqueezed sideways through the crowded corridor. 抱着一沓卡通月刊,送信人走出电梯,侧着身子挤过拥挤的走廊。

49. The crippled beggar packed a pinch of beans in cigar wrapping paper, and then bound it with acord. 那位跛足的乞丐用雪茄烟包装纸包了一捏豆子,然后用细绳捆扎起来。

50. Theretailer introduced all sorts of recorders to a keen enquiring consumer. 零售商向那位热切咨询的消费者介绍了各种款式的录音机。


51. Some adult males and females are occupiedin sowing grains in acres of fertile and fruitfulfield. 一些成年男女正在肥沃多产的广阔土地上忙碌地播种谷物。

52. The thirsty porter uncovered the kettle, and thendrank the last drop of juice. 那位口渴的搬运工揭开壶盖,把一壶果汁喝光了。

53. Theworkmen, who were holding spades,squeezed gold ore particles out of tons of rock in the pit. 手握铲子的矿工在矿井中将金矿颗粒从成吨的岩石中分离出来。

54. Thegrocer, who wasdriving a wagon, got frustrated by the frost and slippery lane. 驾着马车的杂货商因冰冻路滑而沮丧。

55. Theevil selfish landlord was cursed and defied by cynical farmers in poverty. 那位可恶自私的地主受到愤世嫉俗的穷人的咒骂和蔑视。

56. My workmate gestured, clarifying his intentions of using a forged(faked) passport in haste. 我的同事打着手势,匆忙地解释着他使用假护照的意图。

57. It isevident that the typist (receptionist) wearing fashionable blouse is capable. 很明显,那位穿着时髦女衬衫的打字员(接待员)很能干。

58. Thepregnant woman clumsily sliced up a loaf and put them on a rack oven. 那位孕妇笨拙地将面包切成片,放在架式烤炉上。

59. For the sake of security, he steered the steamer into port and cast anchor before the awful hurricane came. 为了安全起见,在可怕的暴风雨来临之前,他把汽船驶进港口抛锚停泊。

60. The client selected a pair of jeans, an elastic pants and a gown for his madam. 那位顾客给夫人买了一条牛仔裤,一条有弹性的便裤和一件女礼服。


61. With somewhat panic expression, grabbingthemobile phone, she dashed off the dormitory. 带着惊恐的表情,她抓起手机,冲出宿舍。

62. Theprincess with curly hair wore a crown decorated with small cube crystal (ruby) at theluncheon. 用餐时,那位卷发公主戴了一顶镶有小正方体水晶的王冠。

63. He shrugged his shoulder, indirectly implying that he was indifferent to the balletconcert in a nearby pub .他耸耸肩,间接地表示他对附近一家酒吧举行的芭蕾舞毫无兴趣。

64. In a snack-bar, he dips tomato jam in a tray with the loaf when sucking soda. 在一家快餐店里,他一边吮吸着汽水,一边用面包蘸着碟子里的西红柿酱。

65. Despite of holding an umbrella, the trousers of the viewer on the muddy wayside were soaked. 虽然打着雨伞,这位站在泥泞路边的观众,裤子已经湿透了。

66. They cheer with Coca-cola, exchanging congratulations for having been aboard an aircraftcarrier. 他们以可口可乐代酒,为登上航空母舰而互相庆贺。

67. Themuscular boxer exerted every ounce of energy in this fierce vital punch to punish hisopponent. 那位肌肉发达的拳击手竭尽全力向对手发出致命的一击。

68. Mypartner, who is licking ice-cream, has rich imagination and speaks fluent oral English. 我的那位正在吃冰激凌的伙伴有这丰富的想象力和一口流利的英语。

69. Theelegant bride embraced her lover tenderly at the wedding. 那位美丽的新娘在结婚典礼上与爱人温柔拥抱。

70. Though being a deaf and dumb mechanic, heholds no negative (passive) attitude towhatsoever his work and never lags. 虽然他是一位聋哑技工,但对工作没有任何消极态度,也从来没有落后。


71. Thechess champion of the union wasunexpectedly eliminated in the preliminarymatch. 工会的象棋冠军这次预赛中被意外地淘汰了。

72. My neighbor frowned at the draining pipe choked by trash and rust. 我的邻居因排水管被垃圾和铁锈堵住而沮丧。

73. After attending the banquet celebrating theanniversary of charity council,the drunken millionaire fell down to the lawn adjoining anightclub parking. 参加慈善委员会成立一周年的宴会后,酒醉的富翁摔倒在一家夜总会停车场附近的草坪上。

74. The rigid teacher criticized sandy for the fact that remotely relevant to the topic, his compositionwas simply nonsense! 严厉的老师批评桑迪那篇毫不扣题的作文简直是胡说八道。

75. In order toprotect his teeth against dental decay (erosion),  sandy’ mother declared to prohibitexcessive sweet diets and desserts. 为了防止牙齿被蛀蚀,桑迪的妈妈声明,禁止他过度地吃甜食和饭后甜点。

76. Thesincere Confucian’s formal style of speaking was appropriate for the occasion. 这位诚挚的儒家学者的讲话方式适合于那种场合。

77. A refugee walked into a supermarket of downtown, adapted his eyes to the dizzy light indoorsand peered at the price on the tag ofsome shavers. 一位难民走进市中心的超市,尽量让自己的眼睛适应室内炫目的灯光,细看标签以辨认出那些剃须刀的价格。

78. Hedeleted all the classical dramas in his computer, and reproduced some modern jazz music into it. 他删去计算机中所有的经典戏剧,并复制进去一些现代摇滚音乐。

79. I envy you, lucky devil (guy) –your wife is slender and graceful with fascinating smiles. 我好羡慕你啊!你真是个幸运的家伙-你妻子的身材苗条优美,微笑迷人。

80. The Negro, a diver, drinks lemon juice every day as a substitute for Vitamin C. 那位黑人跳水运动员每天喝柠檬汁替代维生素C。


81. Thesum of the mill’s annual expenses budget is fourteen billion dollars. 那家制造厂的年度开支预算总计140亿美元。

82. There is atrend that Beijing will give priority to three pillar manufacturing industry. 北京将优先发展三大支柱产业是必然的趋势。

83. Theornament manufacturers want toremove their headquarters and overall factory to the South and boom their products with a newtrademark. 装饰品制造商想把总部和所有工厂转移到南方,然后采用新商标迅速发展其产品。

84. It’s presumably(probably) that the bank will accommodate the merchant with a fantastic amountof loan. 很有可能银行将贷给那个商人一大笔款。


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